Some Sketches and a Chair

These are some quick, crappy, 10-30min sketches from the sketchbook I keep for my Drawing class, plus a swank drawing of a chair! Woop! This is pretty much all the drawing I have been able to do since I started studying Japanese and playing Monster Hunter and Borderlands…

The chair was done in class when we were being taught 2-point perspective…which I already handled back in high school art classes that apparently don’t matter in college. Practice makes perfect n’ all…

Other than these sketches all the creative juicing I have been doing is in some writing rough drafts for short stories for my Fiction Writing class, and I don’t think those will ever show their faces on the internet…at least not on my blog and not anytime soon.

Foodcarts R Nummy

Bus SickAuditoriumMcDonaldsChair