Death of a Pixie Girl

Death of a Pixie Girl

Death of a Pixie Girl: Micron Pen and Pencil

Pixie Girls: tiny, circle faced, scene girls with the huge eyes and lots of eyeliner that are taking over the music world. I see them at EVERY concert I go to and all over Hot Topic. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND where they are coming from or why or aklsjdfoisjdlkf. THEY ARE TAKING OVER!

Oh my God. Are they evolved from what I was in high school?

I don’t have anything against them personally, but when you belong to a certain lifestyle and suddenly you are seeing robot clones of the same person EVERYWHERE within that lifestyle, it makes you start questioning all existence and what the essence of humanity is. It has made me very suspicious…WHERE DID YOU COME FROM, ALIEN PIXIE CREATURE?!?

I wonder…ARE these girls clones? Real clones that the music industry has created hordes of to unleash into crowded punk rock and metal concerts to…make them more…awesome-er seeming and popular and attractive with all the cute faces so that more will want to join in on the fad and hit on scene girls and spend money on tickets and merch like some crazy brainwashing advertisement scheme to earn lots of money?!? This idea seemed more eloquent in my head…

I sometimes see these girls at anime and comic book conventions too…usually wearing Bleach and Adventure Time stuff… is this just how all teenaged girls who have obscure interests look like?


Figure Drawing Day 1

This week on Drawing Concepts Class!: Figure Drawing

Tuesday started the figure drawing week (a week in art class is two days! 😀 ). We are allowed to experiment with any media we want, but force ourselves to be adventurous and not hold ourselves back. We have to try and find what style and method we like and is unique to us. We were encouraged to draw the figure disproportionally, mix our mediums, and either scale it large so the figure is going off the sides, or draw a whole bunch on one page.

This session was a clothed male model. He also brought a katana and a bo staff with him! First we did a bunch of 30 second warm-ups with charcoal, and then some 1 minute poses. I forgot to take pictures of the quick ones, but I have everything past the 5min ones.

I mostly decided to work with sharpie markers, because I already know that ink is what I am into, especially illustrative style. I wanted to see if I could use it as good with a figure drawing as I am just drawing with it.

5 Minute Figure Sketches:


5min sketches: Charcoal

5min Sketch: Colored Sharpie

5min Sketch: Colored Sharpie

In addition to regular figure drawing, we also had a short session of blind contour figure drawing too. This is where you aren’t supposed to look at your paper, at all, and just stare at the figure as you draw it blindly without lifting the pen/pencil from the paper. The Prof. says that doing this really forces us to look at every detail. I guess it did do that, but it was difficult. Plus I kept getting lost at where I was in the drawing and messing it up. On the bright side, what came out from my red sharpie was pretty cool. I admit I peeked a little on the top two figures, but I got caught and Prof. turned my easel in a way that I could not look at my paper as I drew, even if I tried. Ahah.

Kungfu Fight

Blind Contour Figure Sketches: Red and Blue Sharpie

It looks like a crazy kung-fu fight scene! After the actual session, we were allowed to go in and spruce it up, which is where the blue comes in. I drew in the weapons and gave them movement lines.

10 Minute Headless Figure Sketches:
Not sure what else to call it, but we simply had to zoom in on the torso and focus on the middle parts of the body, rather than the head and legs…

Torso Sketch: Colored Pencil

Torso Sketch: Prismacolor Colored Pencil

Torso Sketch: Colored Sharpie

Torso Sketch: Colored Sharpie

Finally, the 20 minute figure sketch:
This one we could arrange it how we wanted, but make it big enough to fill the whole page, at least. We could also use our choice of medium, rather than further experiment, in so creating something more legitimately our own style. After class, the model said it was exactly what he wished to be doing.

20 Minute Figure Sketch: Colored Sharpie and Prismacolor Colored Pencils

20 Minute Figure Sketch: Colored Sharpie and Prismacolor Colored Pencils


Daisy / Secret


Daisy – January 10, 2015
conceit poem

Fuzzy yolk emerges
from the cold
to peek out at the world.
Delicate eye
staring up at the sun.
Swaying in the breeze,
dancing in the beams.
Soft tender cheeks,
and thin, slender fingers,
touching the air
and the blades around it.
Smell of peace
and plucked for love.


Secret – January 26, 2015
freebie poem

Sideways glances
I don’t care,
wish I didn’t care.
The allure
of mystery
of scandal
it’s too much.
What is that twinkle
in your eye?
A secret
What have they been saying?
What are you hiding
behind those teeth of yours?


Modern Scholar Texture Project

This assignment was…bluh.

I do like how the texture of the floor and the book came out, however. The Prof. called it a ‘Texture Project’ but I think it was more like a ‘Render Project’ but I suppose those are the same thing…the background is chalk pastel, and the objects and textures on the floor are Prismacolor soft colored pencils.

WP_20150122_003 2The purpose of the project was to render a space on the floor as PERFECT and real looking at possible. It was really difficult. The floor of our classroom, it looks grey at a glance, but once you sit down and try to mimic that color with chalk pastels, it had blue and yellow and faint details everywhere. Same with that reddish smudge, and the sky of the book I redrew. We had to bring 3-5 impersonal, but meaningful, objects to class and place them on the section of floor we taped off. The objects had to tell a story, or relate to each other, and also relate to the modern world. I had forgotten to look for anything to bring, so I just used whatever was in my backpack. I think I compensated pretty well though. I would have brought a computer keyboard to have coming off the edge and a Kindle or Tablet instead of my broken SmartPhone to further resemble the ‘Modern Scholar’ idea, but alas…

We had three in-class days to work on this, Tuesday, Thursday, and the next Tuesday and the class is three hours long. Plus the classroom is open to art students 24/6. So I had PLENTY of time to make this perfect. But, the day before the project started, my grandmother passed away. Trying to sit down and focus on this difficult task with the grief was extremely uncomfortable. I just couldn’t focus on doing it how I wanted. Everyday I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible and there were too many moments where I was just sitting there starring at the floor with pastels in my hand. UGH. Even writing this blog while thinking about all that is difficult.

I am glad it at least came out decently, despite me rushing to finish those two notebooks in the corner. I kept the borders of the page all fringed looking on purpose because I thought it looked nice and went well with the ‘scholar’ theme, but apparently no one else saw that. We had a critique of our work and I didn’t mention I was grief-wracked..Eh. I just nodded silently when people were telling me what was wrong with it and how I could fix it. I KNOW IT ALL ALREADY! BLEH!! I realize the notebooks are horribly rendered, and the chalk pastel kind of smudged over and the shadows need to be more shadowy, but BLEEEH! Whatever…


Found Tool Ink Portrait

The first assignment of Drawing Concepts: Found Tool Ink Painting

The first day of class, our Prof. told us to find 3 to 5 random ass objects that people wouldn’t mind getting “destroyed” or having ink all over them. I went home and dug around in the junk drawer at home and grabbed some used up batteries, bottle caps, a metal stick thing that I do not know its purpose, and a little Finn toy from Adventure Time. I also saw my handy-dandy bottle opener that is shaped like a wrench and thought “it would be awesome if this was covered in ink” so I took that too.

Found Art Tools!

Found Art Tools!

Anyway, these are the two tools I ended up using the most: the wrench/bottle opener and the metal stick thing. I would have taken a picture of the bottle cap but it vanished soon after the painting was complete! Who took my beautiful ink splattered bottle cap?! I only used the Finn toy a tiny bit, and it also disappeared! There’s some kind of kleptomaniac in my class around here!


Found Tool Ink Painting

Anyway, we brought our random  junk to class and we figured out why they would get destroyed and covered in ink: we were using them as things to paint with, SURPRISE! We were to paint a portrait of the person sitting next to or across from us. We also had to use marking techniques appropriate for the object. Like my metal stick thing, I tried doing some dotting with it, but it was so annoying so instead I put little blurps of ink all over the page and rolled the stick thingy through it like a rolling pin. Resulting in some some neat effects! With the wrench, it was easy to slice some lines up and down the page. Finally, I “washed” the ink to lighten some areas and blend others. That is why he has demony ghost eyes.

My boyfriend is in this drawing class with me, so we painted each other for this assignment. When we finished, we had to pin them up on the walls for everyone to see. I got exclamations on the creepy eyes. My boyfriend said “You really captured how I feel when waking up every morning.” Someone else said “Wow, you nailed him!”

It was a HOOT.

Anyway, he also painted a picture of me of course:

Justin X Syd

Justin X Syd

I love how adorable he made me. I also love how he chose the same color scheme as I did, but rearranged it in an opposite way. Did he plan that? I sure didn’t coordinate it like that. We had a bunch of colors to choose from. For his tools he used the battery I brought, the bottom of a jar, and…something else that I really can’t remember. I think it was some kind of stylus or something.


Ink Self-Portrait

Self-PortraitWeird looking at a drawing of my own face…

I don’t really like doing self-portraits, unless its some kind of illustrated recreation of myself in some other existing fictional world, lol, but those don’t really count.

I like how this one turned out even if I kind of went crazy with the Sepia ink and blotched a few spots. This was my first real big painting with ink, using a bamboo brush. Using the ink as a wash was the hardest part. I kept getting the paper too wet for it to hold anymore ink.

This was a project for class and we had to incorporate one of Van Gogh’s pieces into it. The professor was a little vague on how we were supposed to do that. I wasn’t sure if she meant make it look like it, or use the same technique, or what, but I obviously took Van Gogh’s Seascape at Saint-Maries and made myself a sea monster. She said “do something crazy with it” by making a funny face or making a crazy background, but I didn’t catch that memo until my face was already drawn, so I went the other route. I’m proud of it, but hanging this particular one on the wall just seems egotistical, hahah.