Sushi Drunk


Sushi bar
drunk on sushi
drunk on cocktails

pack the chairs
and line the walls
for a seat
Have a cocktail
while you wait!

The waitresses
all look
guests in the eyes
the soul
the brain
stop staring at me
like that
I just want
a cocktail:

and lemon
…or was it
Rum? Vodka?
many have I
Two? Three?
in every hand
glasses in
the table
‘d these come from?

do the buses
take away
the plates?
As the night
goes on
the crowded
seems to get
the people
farther away
Their sounds
don’t matter
My focus
My world
is this conversation.

When waiters
they intrude
and more sushi
on the tiny table
My favorite!
Oh, wait
can I get


Fun With Blots! – Art Project

This weeks project: Ink and paint blots on yupo paper!

In addition, we must apply “automatic drawing” to the piece…which is drawing without putting any planning or thinking into it. Also, yupo paper is this kind of really smooth, semi-transparent paper that ink and paint had a hard time sticking to, so it ends up spreading and blotting in interesting ways.

My method of the “automatic” part was “have at thee, paper!” and I just kind of went crazy without thinking about anything except attacking the paper.IMG_0159

This plastic thing is what I used to blot the ink and paint onto my paper. I forget what it was called…but the way this blue acrylic paint blots is super awesome!

This is a picture is sort of what I have so far: IMG_0152

The light in the room was evidently too much for my camera! But actually there are a couple more blue areas than in this picture, and I can’t find the most recent one I took of the whole thing! But oh well! We have one more day to work on this piece. I think that I might actually be finished with it. If I add more, it will just be too much!

I started with that yellow-ish brown ink. When I picked up the bottle it was in, the liquid inside was obvious to my eyes a green color, and on the outside of the bottle the color said “tangerine” with an orange background…I had no idea what was going on in that bottle, so it seemed like the perfect color to start with, and viola! it came out a poopy yellow color! I like it though, because it reminds me of the stalagmites/stalactites inside of old caves.

The poo colored ink did some really cool things! In some spots it branched out like a tree branch, and in others it made stripes like a tiger, and then in other spots it stayed thick and looks like paper that was burnt by fire.

Next thing I did, was throw glitter at the piece. When the Prof. was introducing the project, she said that she had a bottle of glitter that no one ever wants to use. So I decided to brave the unknown and went for the gold and silver glitter. I just threw it on and it stuck to the wet ink.

Then I applied the blue acrylic paint, which I did not throw glitter at. When that dried, I did some automatic painting with black and white ink and a bamboo brush, and threw some more glitter at some of the black ink.

Finally, I turned the yupo paper over and did the same “tangerine” color on the back, because I knew it would be seen through the paper in an interesting way.

Oh yeah, and I also splashed some watered-down terracotta ink at it…just kinda waved my bamboo brush at it a little…it just felt like it needed more color to it…which I suppose means I planned at least a tiny bit on this piece.

A neat thing! Where there is no paint or ink or glitter, light shines through the yupo paper like stained glass and gives the background an interesting look to it with the ink that is underneath! Photo #2 below shows it the best!

Prof. said that my piece looks like some cavemen threw a party…


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I also feel I should add that I did not really take this project seriously…I just kind of “wung it” which it probably why I already feel finished with it. Letting loose with colors and glitter and such is fun, but it also kind of just feels like a waste of time in the realm of me wanting to get better at drawing…BUT it can also be a nice way to meditate! 😀