A Memory

Escaped the blinding lights,
the rooms with teachers presiding
the clinical white halls of misery
Heard a secret,
“I know where we can go,
I have a key.”
Giggling with bravado and nerves,
we followed him.
Crystal was my shadow,
just going along with
this cool upperclassman.
My lust
for adventure
drowned her fear
of trouble. She was eager
to taste some life.

The empty auditorium
is like a graveyard in the dark.
Zeek knew which switch to pull,
a single light bulb
a firefly in a pressure chamber
to keep us hidden,
it lit up the cavern,
illuminating dimly
lines of chairs like a shark’s maw
but teeth like a horse.
A dark auditorium like a graveyard
those curved shapes
lined endless in the darkness.
Crystal stayed by the door,
expecting ravenous teachers
who hid in the curtains
A line at my feet like a tongue silent
makes a barrier from the graves.
Pieces of cardboard standing
like random brick walls
furniture stuck in shadows edge
A bed,
three steps to nowhere,
a door made of paint,
shadowed drapes like webs
curtains like a gaping mouth
dead cardboard trees, silent structures
amongst a dark graveyard.
A child, I am mesmerized
the transformation of a room
I thought I knew.
Longed for my saxophone
to test its wails
its echos, through empty graves
with no ears to hear it.

He showed us the stairs,
ones I eagerly climbed,
forcing giddy Crystal along,
where people like him
controlled the lights which beamed
like angels auras
around us actors and soloists.
The mystery
of how we were made into gods
was ruined,
but now it was magic,
still fascinating.
From above
the graves were even more like teeth
hungry, waiting,
anticipating a fresh meal
caged by narrow iron walkways.
Crystal clutched the railing
white knuckles
but laughed.
I wanted to sight wraiths
waltzing below, but
us three teens
were the only souls
above empty graves.
Free and flying
away from teachers,
a new secret from parents.

Above the graves,
we were free for a moment.