A Memory

Escaped the blinding lights,
the rooms with teachers presiding
the clinical white halls of misery
Heard a secret,
“I know where we can go,
I have a key.”
Giggling with bravado and nerves,
we followed him.
Crystal was my shadow,
just going along with
this cool upperclassman.
My lust
for adventure
drowned her fear
of trouble. She was eager
to taste some life.

The empty auditorium
is like a graveyard in the dark.
Zeek knew which switch to pull,
a single light bulb
a firefly in a pressure chamber
to keep us hidden,
it lit up the cavern,
illuminating dimly
lines of chairs like a shark’s maw
but teeth like a horse.
A dark auditorium like a graveyard
those curved shapes
lined endless in the darkness.
Crystal stayed by the door,
expecting ravenous teachers
who hid in the curtains
A line at my feet like a tongue silent
makes a barrier from the graves.
Pieces of cardboard standing
like random brick walls
furniture stuck in shadows edge
A bed,
three steps to nowhere,
a door made of paint,
shadowed drapes like webs
curtains like a gaping mouth
dead cardboard trees, silent structures
amongst a dark graveyard.
A child, I am mesmerized
the transformation of a room
I thought I knew.
Longed for my saxophone
to test its wails
its echos, through empty graves
with no ears to hear it.

He showed us the stairs,
ones I eagerly climbed,
forcing giddy Crystal along,
where people like him
controlled the lights which beamed
like angels auras
around us actors and soloists.
The mystery
of how we were made into gods
was ruined,
but now it was magic,
still fascinating.
From above
the graves were even more like teeth
hungry, waiting,
anticipating a fresh meal
caged by narrow iron walkways.
Crystal clutched the railing
white knuckles
but laughed.
I wanted to sight wraiths
waltzing below, but
us three teens
were the only souls
above empty graves.
Free and flying
away from teachers,
a new secret from parents.

Above the graves,
we were free for a moment.


Friends Before a Camping Trip

This is just a silly, dumb, short piece of dialogue inspired by my friends. It amused me greatly to write.

Also, am I supposed to warn about cursing and hypothetical drug use? Or is that just etiquette? Eh, whatever, you’re hopefully all adults.

“Get in already, slowpokes! Let’s goooo! I want to see some trees, man!” Rich yelled with his head sticking out the passenger window. He cradled a bong in his lap, careful not to let loose its contents. The truck hummed, already on and warming up. It was parked backwards in the driveway. Matt knelt on the beds lowered door, double checking the gear and supplies, while Cynthia stood nearby reviewing the list of camping gear in her hand. Hunter was in the garage, looking for things they might have left behind, or might need and hadn’t thought of yet. All four campers wore mild weather clothing; hoodies, jeans, light jackets, and hiking boots. It was August and sun was already shining hot and bright, but they were prepared for the mountain; chilly all year long.

“Shut up, dude!” Matt called from the truck bed. “You’re going to get sick of those trees after a few days!”

“Yeah fucking right. Natures dope, man!” Rich said and tucked himself back in his seat. He yanked the hood of his black sweater up and flicked the lighter.

“Natures dope, man.” Cynthia repeated in a mocking voice quietly and snickered. She noticed the white cloud leaving the truck. “Hey! Don’t smoke all the weed!”

“I won’t!”

“Also, we’re sharing that! I’ll kick your ass if you smoke it all before the trips over!” Matt said. He jumped off the back of the truck.

“Seriously, dude! Save it for the mountain!” Hunter called.

“Fuck you guys!” They heard muffled Rich from the window. Hunter chuckled as he approached the other two.

“Watch,” Hunter said just for Cynthia and Matt. “when we run out of weed, Rich’ll start bitching about camping.”

“Oh, man, that’s totally going to happen.” Cynthia laughed, a little too loudly.

“Let’s agree now that we won’t bail out if he starts acting like a baby.” Matt said and smirked as he shook in mock irritation. “No repeats of last time.”

“Definitely. Maybe a good week in the forest will toughen him up.” Hunter said with an eye roll.

“He’ll never want to go camping with us again.” Matt said. Hunter grinned at the thought.

“Maybe the clean air will help clear out his lungs.” Cynthia added timidly. “Or something.”

“He’ll be trying to smoke pine needles by the end of it.” Said Hunter. The other two snickered.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Rich called. His voice was nearly a whine. They couldn’t help but laugh harder.

“Making sure we don’t starve or freeze to death on the mountain, asshole!” Matt said and pushed the truck bed door up. They heard more curses from inside the cab.

“Alright!” Hunter hooted. “”We’re all set! This is going to be so bomb!” The last words came out high pitched. He made his way to the drivers seat.

“We should stop at, like, McDonald’s or something before leaving town.” Cynthia said and climbed in the backseat behind Rich.

“Aw man…” Rich said, “Let’s get Taco Bell.” He said it in an awed voice and stared blankly out the front window.

“It’s nine in the morning!” Matt said from the seat next to Cynthia.

“So what? They got those breakfast burritos.” Rich snapped as Hunter sat in the drivers seat next to him.

“Fuck fast food. That stuff is starting to make me shit paste.” Hunter said and rolled the truck down the driveway. Cynthia made a noise, a mixture of laughter and disgust.

“I just want more coffee.” She murmured.

“Addict.” Matt smirked at her. She made a psh sound. “We ate already, let’s just get to the mountain and eat before we set off. It’ll only be a few hours.”

“Sounds good to me.” Hunter said.

“I can’t last that long…” Rich whined.

“You just have the munchies. Eat some fucking beef jerky.” Hunter said with a glance at the orb in Rich’s lap. “And put the bong away!” He paused thoughtfully. “Oh man, we’re going to need to make sure we don’t eat everything when we’re high up there.”

“I think we’ll be okay so long as Rich doesn’t get his hands on the food.” Matt laughed.

Rich retorted his curses groggily. The other three campers began to plan meals, hiking, and weed rationing as they drove their way to toward the mountain.