Comic #2: Moe Skeeto

Went through old pictures and found this one from my Creating Short Comics class that I never posted!! I just realized I only posted one other comic from this class…I should really try and find them so I can share them.

Anyway, this was my favorite creation from that class a year ago…Moe Skeeto. 

For the assignment, we were each handed a random Garbage Pail Kid card and told to make a comic out of it. I got Moe Skeeto. It’s funny, most everyone’s in that class turned out really grotesque or horrifying…just as GPK would want, I think…


Fun With Blots! – Art Project

This weeks project: Ink and paint blots on yupo paper!

In addition, we must apply “automatic drawing” to the piece…which is drawing without putting any planning or thinking into it. Also, yupo paper is this kind of really smooth, semi-transparent paper that ink and paint had a hard time sticking to, so it ends up spreading and blotting in interesting ways.

My method of the “automatic” part was “have at thee, paper!” and I just kind of went crazy without thinking about anything except attacking the paper.IMG_0159

This plastic thing is what I used to blot the ink and paint onto my paper. I forget what it was called…but the way this blue acrylic paint blots is super awesome!

This is a picture is sort of what I have so far: IMG_0152

The light in the room was evidently too much for my camera! But actually there are a couple more blue areas than in this picture, and I can’t find the most recent one I took of the whole thing! But oh well! We have one more day to work on this piece. I think that I might actually be finished with it. If I add more, it will just be too much!

I started with that yellow-ish brown ink. When I picked up the bottle it was in, the liquid inside was obvious to my eyes a green color, and on the outside of the bottle the color said “tangerine” with an orange background…I had no idea what was going on in that bottle, so it seemed like the perfect color to start with, and viola! it came out a poopy yellow color! I like it though, because it reminds me of the stalagmites/stalactites inside of old caves.

The poo colored ink did some really cool things! In some spots it branched out like a tree branch, and in others it made stripes like a tiger, and then in other spots it stayed thick and looks like paper that was burnt by fire.

Next thing I did, was throw glitter at the piece. When the Prof. was introducing the project, she said that she had a bottle of glitter that no one ever wants to use. So I decided to brave the unknown and went for the gold and silver glitter. I just threw it on and it stuck to the wet ink.

Then I applied the blue acrylic paint, which I did not throw glitter at. When that dried, I did some automatic painting with black and white ink and a bamboo brush, and threw some more glitter at some of the black ink.

Finally, I turned the yupo paper over and did the same “tangerine” color on the back, because I knew it would be seen through the paper in an interesting way.

Oh yeah, and I also splashed some watered-down terracotta ink at it…just kinda waved my bamboo brush at it a little…it just felt like it needed more color to it…which I suppose means I planned at least a tiny bit on this piece.

A neat thing! Where there is no paint or ink or glitter, light shines through the yupo paper like stained glass and gives the background an interesting look to it with the ink that is underneath! Photo #2 below shows it the best!

Prof. said that my piece looks like some cavemen threw a party…


My Workspace

I also feel I should add that I did not really take this project seriously…I just kind of “wung it” which it probably why I already feel finished with it. Letting loose with colors and glitter and such is fun, but it also kind of just feels like a waste of time in the realm of me wanting to get better at drawing…BUT it can also be a nice way to meditate! 😀



Evolution of Sorceress

My last drawing assignment was to create a new piece that spoke to the figure, based on or inspired by one of the sketches/pieces I created during our figure drawing sessions. Here is the evolution of the finale!

The inspired piece

The inspired sketch(s)

Sketch of Sorceress

Sketch of Sorceress

Colored Rough Draft

Colored Rough Draft

Copy RD onto Big Paper

Copy RD onto Big Paper

Pencil Outline of Finale

Pencil Outline of Finale

Halfway Colored/Detailed

Halfway Colored/Detailed



Pose changed. Her first pose was too straight up and down and I wanted to balance it out (as per suggestion of Prof.). Think this pose is awesomer, if less sexy.

Changed rocky thing she was standing on to a lightening blast. Wanted to add more movement, and earth does not move. Want it to look fluid and powerful at the same time. Lightening from playing too much Diablo as a Wizard, probably. Fire probably would have looked cool too. Lightening matches color scheme, however.

Still not finished (in my mind). Blue of lightening needs to be prettier, and needs more than just blue…like green and red…but want to stay within color scheme and not make background too heavy. Green might clash. Red would look good (I think) with pink.

This finished piece is what I hung up on wall in class for critique. Most finished pieces were crazy abstract, but few of us did illustration-esque style. Prof. asked me “are you inspired by comic books?” I said “Yes,” because more or less truth, but didn’t want to go all deep and profound about it like everyone else was trying to do…I want to be comic book artist, so naturally my style is going to be comic book…Prof. made it sound like was trying to mimic the style or something. Did not like that.

I actually got idea for a series of similar projects. Might do if not too lazy. Or if not burdened by creative writing poop.


Modern Scholar Texture Project

This assignment was…bluh.

I do like how the texture of the floor and the book came out, however. The Prof. called it a ‘Texture Project’ but I think it was more like a ‘Render Project’ but I suppose those are the same thing…the background is chalk pastel, and the objects and textures on the floor are Prismacolor soft colored pencils.

WP_20150122_003 2The purpose of the project was to render a space on the floor as PERFECT and real looking at possible. It was really difficult. The floor of our classroom, it looks grey at a glance, but once you sit down and try to mimic that color with chalk pastels, it had blue and yellow and faint details everywhere. Same with that reddish smudge, and the sky of the book I redrew. We had to bring 3-5 impersonal, but meaningful, objects to class and place them on the section of floor we taped off. The objects had to tell a story, or relate to each other, and also relate to the modern world. I had forgotten to look for anything to bring, so I just used whatever was in my backpack. I think I compensated pretty well though. I would have brought a computer keyboard to have coming off the edge and a Kindle or Tablet instead of my broken SmartPhone to further resemble the ‘Modern Scholar’ idea, but alas…

We had three in-class days to work on this, Tuesday, Thursday, and the next Tuesday and the class is three hours long. Plus the classroom is open to art students 24/6. So I had PLENTY of time to make this perfect. But, the day before the project started, my grandmother passed away. Trying to sit down and focus on this difficult task with the grief was extremely uncomfortable. I just couldn’t focus on doing it how I wanted. Everyday I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible and there were too many moments where I was just sitting there starring at the floor with pastels in my hand. UGH. Even writing this blog while thinking about all that is difficult.

I am glad it at least came out decently, despite me rushing to finish those two notebooks in the corner. I kept the borders of the page all fringed looking on purpose because I thought it looked nice and went well with the ‘scholar’ theme, but apparently no one else saw that. We had a critique of our work and I didn’t mention I was grief-wracked..Eh. I just nodded silently when people were telling me what was wrong with it and how I could fix it. I KNOW IT ALL ALREADY! BLEH!! I realize the notebooks are horribly rendered, and the chalk pastel kind of smudged over and the shadows need to be more shadowy, but BLEEEH! Whatever…


Some Still Life Sketches

These are some of the still life sketches from my Drawing class sketchbook that I have deemed internet worthy! Some of them have little Hiragana scribbles because I have also been studying Japanese. Every still life I have done was during times I was waiting for something, either waiting to reach my bus stop, waiting for class, or waiting for a person to show up…none were drawn of my own actual wanting to sit down and draw. Meh.

I’ve finished my Drawing class though, and these are the pickings from the sketchbook. There were 40 by the end of the term, but lots of them were super simplistic and boring, so bleh!

#10 Broadway

Broadway Lounge

I always feel weird when I am drawing people and it is so very obvious. But weird in a good way, like “Yeah, I’m drawing you, what are you gonna do about it?!” and kind of laughing evilly on the inside… They totally knew I was because they kept glancing over at me. But as an artist, its okay, because its, you know, like, for art, and like…expression, and my aspirations, and stuff…they don’t even have to sign a thing or anything! And now they are on the internets. Sometimes I’m pretty sure people are flattered by it anyway, besides being shocked to find out.

#15 Abstraction of a Complex Guy

Abstraction of a Complex Guy

I drew my boyfriend as we were taking our hour long break between classes together. I didn’t tell him I was drawing him, and when he realized, he started commenting on it, so I also recorded what he was saying. He is also the one who suggested I title it “Abstraction of a Complex Guy” as sarcasm. He doesn’t agree it looks like him.

#16 Oasis

Broadway Lounge Water-Fountain

I drew only the water-fountain and the steel thing it was mounted on and wrote OASIS in crappily sketched letters because I am so totally unique and special and creative. When I am sketching things I don’t particularly care about, I tend to…do extra stupid things to it…to be clever in a stupid ironic way.

#18 Door to Hell

Door to Hell: Science Research Building

AKA, Room 162: 12 o’clock Japanese class. This class was BRUTAL. So bad that I really began having nightmares about missing class, or missing a vocab word. After each class, it felt like I just got done with an extreme hike. I would go into the details of this class, but I think it makes for a juicy blog post for later. I think what I wrote up there is “Japanese class I have everyday”….if I remember correctly. Probably in horribly grammar and terribly misspelled hiragana. I know the word akuza from D. Grayman. Yay! Anime is learning!!

#21 Flower

Flower in Montgomery Courtyard

I don’t know what kind of flower this is, but I think it turned out pretty. I was trying to use more contour lines because I really stink at it. I ought to learn my flowers. That’s a girl thing to do, right?

#23 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

I don’t have much to say about this one. Pokemon 4 Lyfe?

#25 Life Guru

Bulletin Board Neuberger Hall

I drew this because our sketchbooks were due for a checkup and I was just behind! As I was drawing the unique and special hipster decal to the top, a friend was chatting with me, and I started sketching out what I was saying to him rather than the word Guru! HAH! That’s why there’s a little faint M behind that G.


Some Sketches and a Chair

These are some quick, crappy, 10-30min sketches from the sketchbook I keep for my Drawing class, plus a swank drawing of a chair! Woop! This is pretty much all the drawing I have been able to do since I started studying Japanese and playing Monster Hunter and Borderlands…

The chair was done in class when we were being taught 2-point perspective…which I already handled back in high school art classes that apparently don’t matter in college. Practice makes perfect n’ all…

Other than these sketches all the creative juicing I have been doing is in some writing rough drafts for short stories for my Fiction Writing class, and I don’t think those will ever show their faces on the internet…at least not on my blog and not anytime soon.

Foodcarts R Nummy

Bus SickAuditoriumMcDonaldsChair