East Lake Sketches

I went camping last week at East Lake, Oregon for a few days, and drew a couple of things, including my various family members. Being able to relax and not worry about DUMB ADULT THINGS was great, and I was actually able to do some writing as well as drawing, and I read almost the entirety of the book The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls. It’s great to be able to get some reading done! A good writer also has to be a good reader! And Jeannette has kinda motivated me to want to be more gung-ho about my living situation, but at the same time she’s made me feel like a crappy whiny baby for letting depression dominate my whole life, instead of being a kickass person who can actually fix things for themselves. Ack. 

As soon as I was back home, the motivation to create disappeared almost instantaneously, and I reverted back to my videogame escapism. Proof that this apartment is a bubble of soul sucking negativity, and its not just me. Only now am I motivated enough to even update my blog by just posting pictures. But yay, I’ll take what I can get. 


People Doodles #5

Went to a BBQ for the Fourth of July that had a whole bunch of people attending. Met some new people who probably won’t bother remembering my name, hah. 

When I was doodling, people would avoid looking at me. For some reason drawing at a public event is weird or something. People don’t like it. They pretend it’s not happening and ignore you if you do that, but they’ll glance at you sideways with that look that says “someone is being weird”. But some people ignored what I was doing while still chatting with me. By contrast if I were doodling ALONE in the park (not part of a group) or at a coffee shop or somewhere, people will approach me and ask me about my drawings and drawing aspirations. Or just smile pleasantly with silent approval. It’s a strange dynamic going on here. 

It’s also funny that people think other people don’t see when they give them the “that’s a weirdo” look and act nonchalant like they didn’t even notice you’re a weirdo. Like, just because I’m weird doesn’t mean I am blind to facial expressions hahah. But I guess they just can’t help it. 


I’m feeling really artistically inspired today and sketched this out. I really want to make it something bigger and legit. Use glitter and feathers and fabric and maybe shiny ink and just make a whole crazy art project out of it! Just need the materials! 

It was inspired by someones picture at a museum on Instagram of some Brazilian culture headdress statues!

Comic #2: Moe Skeeto

Went through old pictures and found this one from my Creating Short Comics class that I never posted!! I just realized I only posted one other comic from this class…I should really try and find them so I can share them.

Anyway, this was my favorite creation from that class a year ago…Moe Skeeto. 

For the assignment, we were each handed a random Garbage Pail Kid card and told to make a comic out of it. I got Moe Skeeto. It’s funny, most everyone’s in that class turned out really grotesque or horrifying…just as GPK would want, I think…

People Doodles #4

Doodled some people while waiting for a friend at the mall. Sat near the carousel so I could draw some children (and because its a PokeStop). I need to draw more children; they are difficult. Their body proportions are all off! Those heads! So big! And their parents dress them in such cute little outfits! Except I ended up drawing only a couple. Feels extra creepy drawing children when their parents catch me…

I couldn’t listen to my music, so I could hear some of the conversations between the kids and their parents. The way adults condescend children so brutally kind of upsets me. Adults talk to children as if they are pets: in a baby voice, or treating every word/action they say with “awws” without actually listening or watching, or issuing commands (“come here, boy!” “Stop doing that!”) without explaining things and getting mad when the children make loud noises, even just flat out ignoring them, staring at their phones. Children are people too! Just because they are naive and don’t know much about the world doesn’t mean they are stupid; not a sheep on a rope, not a kitten with a yarn ball. Why not be a decent person to the thing you’re supposed to be nurturing and educating? Okay, rant done.

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Fun With Blots! – Art Project

This weeks project: Ink and paint blots on yupo paper!

In addition, we must apply “automatic drawing” to the piece…which is drawing without putting any planning or thinking into it. Also, yupo paper is this kind of really smooth, semi-transparent paper that ink and paint had a hard time sticking to, so it ends up spreading and blotting in interesting ways.

My method of the “automatic” part was “have at thee, paper!” and I just kind of went crazy without thinking about anything except attacking the paper.IMG_0159

This plastic thing is what I used to blot the ink and paint onto my paper. I forget what it was called…but the way this blue acrylic paint blots is super awesome!

This is a picture is sort of what I have so far: IMG_0152

The light in the room was evidently too much for my camera! But actually there are a couple more blue areas than in this picture, and I can’t find the most recent one I took of the whole thing! But oh well! We have one more day to work on this piece. I think that I might actually be finished with it. If I add more, it will just be too much!

I started with that yellow-ish brown ink. When I picked up the bottle it was in, the liquid inside was obvious to my eyes a green color, and on the outside of the bottle the color said “tangerine” with an orange background…I had no idea what was going on in that bottle, so it seemed like the perfect color to start with, and viola! it came out a poopy yellow color! I like it though, because it reminds me of the stalagmites/stalactites inside of old caves.

The poo colored ink did some really cool things! In some spots it branched out like a tree branch, and in others it made stripes like a tiger, and then in other spots it stayed thick and looks like paper that was burnt by fire.

Next thing I did, was throw glitter at the piece. When the Prof. was introducing the project, she said that she had a bottle of glitter that no one ever wants to use. So I decided to brave the unknown and went for the gold and silver glitter. I just threw it on and it stuck to the wet ink.

Then I applied the blue acrylic paint, which I did not throw glitter at. When that dried, I did some automatic painting with black and white ink and a bamboo brush, and threw some more glitter at some of the black ink.

Finally, I turned the yupo paper over and did the same “tangerine” color on the back, because I knew it would be seen through the paper in an interesting way.

Oh yeah, and I also splashed some watered-down terracotta ink at it…just kinda waved my bamboo brush at it a little…it just felt like it needed more color to it…which I suppose means I planned at least a tiny bit on this piece.

A neat thing! Where there is no paint or ink or glitter, light shines through the yupo paper like stained glass and gives the background an interesting look to it with the ink that is underneath! Photo #2 below shows it the best!

Prof. said that my piece looks like some cavemen threw a party…


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I also feel I should add that I did not really take this project seriously…I just kind of “wung it” which it probably why I already feel finished with it. Letting loose with colors and glitter and such is fun, but it also kind of just feels like a waste of time in the realm of me wanting to get better at drawing…BUT it can also be a nice way to meditate! 😀