Comic #2: Moe Skeeto

Went through old pictures and found this one from my Creating Short Comics class that I never posted!! I just realized I only posted one other comic from this class…I should really try and find them so I can share them.

Anyway, this was my favorite creation from that class a year ago…Moe Skeeto. 

For the assignment, we were each handed a random Garbage Pail Kid card and told to make a comic out of it. I got Moe Skeeto. It’s funny, most everyone’s in that class turned out really grotesque or horrifying…just as GPK would want, I think…


Comic #1: Syd Starts Taking Muai Tai

T064his is the first comic I made in my Creating Short Comics class. I think it turned out awesome.

Someone informed me that Muai Tai is spelled wrong, but that is how it was spelled on our uniforms so…I don’t ¬†know what that’s all about. Also got the thumbs backwards. But its done now so fuck it! Good first attempt, I say!