Comic #2: Moe Skeeto

Went through old pictures and found this one from my Creating Short Comics class that I never posted!! I just realized I only posted one other comic from this class…I should really try and find them so I can share them.

Anyway, this was my favorite creation from that class a year ago…Moe Skeeto. 

For the assignment, we were each handed a random Garbage Pail Kid card and told to make a comic out of it. I got Moe Skeeto. It’s funny, most everyone’s in that class turned out really grotesque or horrifying…just as GPK would want, I think…


Lifey Tidbits #3

Previous bunch of tidbits here.

I changed the name of these posts because “Life Observations” is BORING and also, not all my observations were observations…more like…shenanigans…

Got kicked off the train at Gateway due to accident at 82nd “involving train and person”, according to I contemplated on that, but had 30mins until class and needed to be downtown STAT! No time to contemplate the profoundness of life and death! Checked out the buses at Gateway, peering meekly at their destinations, but couldn’t tell which ones went through downtown. Then I saw a bus with “via City Center” on its face. Bus 19, have never taken it before. Dubious on what the “via” meant, but I assumed the obvious. Asked bus driver, just in case, “This goes through downtown, right?” He said “Yup yup,” while motioning me and others to hurry up and get on bus, not even checking our fare. I thought he might have just been saying “yup” to whatever I said to get me to move along, so I was still suspicious of the bus destination. I took a seat and kept vigilant for any bad turns by bus, hoping it didn’t squiggle its way downtown. Finally I saw the familiar tall buildings of downtown in the distance. Whew! Faith in humanity in good standing!…kinda. Was 5 minutes late for class. Couldn’t go pee beforehand so did potty dance in seat for 20 minutes while Prof. talked.

Pouring rain. Met with drawing classmates and Prof. in Art Building for “field trip” to art galleries. Is a field trip in college a field trip? Why is it called a “field” trip anyway? Are we going “out on the field” doing research? After standing awkwardly with classmates whom seemed overly attached to each other and not, for some reason, at all with me, the Prof. showed up.
Prof., “Why didn’t you guys bring your umbrellas?!”
Dude, “We’re Portlanders!”
Portland humor.
Older lady, fellow classmate, laughs and brandishes her umbrella like a sword, almost hitting me in the face.
Other Girl looks down at her umbrella sheepishly, ashamed at herself for being a bad Portlander.
I look down at the half-slippers I put on, too lazy to tie shoes this morning. They slip on like a slipper, but have the soles of a regular shoe…for taking out the garbage and checking your mail. I must be a true Portlander now, wearing slippers in the rain, and for that matter, even out of the house. I don’t even own an umbrella.
When we leave the building together, Other Girl with umbrella does the thrust-up-in-the-air method of opening an umbrella, and almost hits me in face.
Geez people.
Tempted to wear sign on my forehead saying “I EXIST.”

Upon passing by the common area of 9th floor Broadway, I see that a girl has made the area into her own personal painting studio. She has a tarp laid out on floor and newspaper on the table. Underneath the newspaper are her bottles of paint, splayed out paintbrushes, and Tupperware of water. The chairs are against the wall except for the cushioned ones that are bolted down. She has a tall easel set up on the tarp and stands before it, brushing blue paint on an already green and brown canvas that is as tall as a child. She is also singing to herself, in that soft high pitched voice way, like the girls in high school choir outside of class, that weird uniform way that is…not pleasing to the ears. As I walk by she hesitates in her singing and glances at me, but immediately starts up again and goes on painting. Perhaps she’d been hoping I was a cute boy who would be impressed by her free spirited artistness doing it all out-in-public-like.

Went into bathroom to prepare for a shower. Noticed a kitten sleeping on top of the towels in the cupboard. Too cute to disturb, found other towel. A moment after getting in the shower, a tiny kitten head pokes out from behind curtains, eyes wide and wondering. Her eyes are almost as big as her head. She jumps on the far edge of tub, watching where water hits the bottom of tub. So cute. I think, “what harm is there?” She soon slunk herself between the curtains toward the head of the shower, and watched the water more closely from the transparent inner curtain. I peeked at her from around the curtain, she looked up at me with her huge kitten eyes and said “meow”, sounding concerned. She is curious but also frightened. Eventually I made a grab for the soap, which she was huddled next to. This made her flip out and, literally, flip out of the shower. I said “aw, don’t go!” and heard a tiny “mew” in response. After awhile, I looked out of shower to check on her, worried she might be hiding or cowering near door. Instead, she was sitting and lethargically smacking a hairband on the bathroom rug. But she almost instantly noticed me watching and said “meow!” again, loudly, and bounced over, as if asking me a question. “In a minute!” I said, and finished my shower.

Kitten now has new experience in little kitten belt.

Rain rain rain.
Wind wind wind.
Wind blows rain
like powdered snow.
It’s only cold
because of the wind
on my wet hands and face.
Have to clutch my hood
so it won’t fly off.
At least,
I get to wear my ducky boots,
and matching yellow raincoat.
distracts from piercing wind
and rain splashed glasses.
Dance at train stop
Mind over matter
That’s all that matters.
Cold is only cold if you think “its cold.”

Lady’s umbrella flies up backwards.
She attempts a fix, but
it only folds limply down its stem.
Umbrella’s are a useless invention
when wind is involved.

Accidentally wrote a poem.


There’s a blue splatter of paint on the train wall directly in front of me. It’s shiny. Wet? How did this happen? Only in Portland does someone manage to splosh their blue paint on the inner wall of a city train. At least, I think it’s paint…it could be some other crazy chemical substance, or alien blood. Or alien loogie. Eeeeeh, it’s like, a foot way from my face, don’t think that shit.

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Some Still Life Sketches

These are some of the still life sketches from my Drawing class sketchbook that I have deemed internet worthy! Some of them have little Hiragana scribbles because I have also been studying Japanese. Every still life I have done was during times I was waiting for something, either waiting to reach my bus stop, waiting for class, or waiting for a person to show up…none were drawn of my own actual wanting to sit down and draw. Meh.

I’ve finished my Drawing class though, and these are the pickings from the sketchbook. There were 40 by the end of the term, but lots of them were super simplistic and boring, so bleh!

#10 Broadway

Broadway Lounge

I always feel weird when I am drawing people and it is so very obvious. But weird in a good way, like “Yeah, I’m drawing you, what are you gonna do about it?!” and kind of laughing evilly on the inside… They totally knew I was because they kept glancing over at me. But as an artist, its okay, because its, you know, like, for art, and like…expression, and my aspirations, and stuff…they don’t even have to sign a thing or anything! And now they are on the internets. Sometimes I’m pretty sure people are flattered by it anyway, besides being shocked to find out.

#15 Abstraction of a Complex Guy

Abstraction of a Complex Guy

I drew my boyfriend as we were taking our hour long break between classes together. I didn’t tell him I was drawing him, and when he realized, he started commenting on it, so I also recorded what he was saying. He is also the one who suggested I title it “Abstraction of a Complex Guy” as sarcasm. He doesn’t agree it looks like him.

#16 Oasis

Broadway Lounge Water-Fountain

I drew only the water-fountain and the steel thing it was mounted on and wrote OASIS in crappily sketched letters because I am so totally unique and special and creative. When I am sketching things I don’t particularly care about, I tend to…do extra stupid things to it…to be clever in a stupid ironic way.

#18 Door to Hell

Door to Hell: Science Research Building

AKA, Room 162: 12 o’clock Japanese class. This class was BRUTAL. So bad that I really began having nightmares about missing class, or missing a vocab word. After each class, it felt like I just got done with an extreme hike. I would go into the details of this class, but I think it makes for a juicy blog post for later. I think what I wrote up there is “Japanese class I have everyday”….if I remember correctly. Probably in horribly grammar and terribly misspelled hiragana. I know the word akuza from D. Grayman. Yay! Anime is learning!!

#21 Flower

Flower in Montgomery Courtyard

I don’t know what kind of flower this is, but I think it turned out pretty. I was trying to use more contour lines because I really stink at it. I ought to learn my flowers. That’s a girl thing to do, right?

#23 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

I don’t have much to say about this one. Pokemon 4 Lyfe?

#25 Life Guru

Bulletin Board Neuberger Hall

I drew this because our sketchbooks were due for a checkup and I was just behind! As I was drawing the unique and special hipster decal to the top, a friend was chatting with me, and I started sketching out what I was saying to him rather than the word Guru! HAH! That’s why there’s a little faint M behind that G.


Some Sketches and a Chair

These are some quick, crappy, 10-30min sketches from the sketchbook I keep for my Drawing class, plus a swank drawing of a chair! Woop! This is pretty much all the drawing I have been able to do since I started studying Japanese and playing Monster Hunter and Borderlands…

The chair was done in class when we were being taught 2-point perspective…which I already handled back in high school art classes that apparently don’t matter in college. Practice makes perfect n’ all…

Other than these sketches all the creative juicing I have been doing is in some writing rough drafts for short stories for my Fiction Writing class, and I don’t think those will ever show their faces on the internet…at least not on my blog and not anytime soon.

Foodcarts R Nummy

Bus SickAuditoriumMcDonaldsChair