People Doodles #5

Went to a BBQ for the Fourth of July that had a whole bunch of people attending. Met some new people who probably won’t bother remembering my name, hah. 

When I was doodling, people would avoid looking at me. For some reason drawing at a public event is weird or something. People don’t like it. They pretend it’s not happening and ignore you if you do that, but they’ll glance at you sideways with that look that says “someone is being weird”. But some people ignored what I was doing while still chatting with me. By contrast if I were doodling ALONE in the park (not part of a group) or at a coffee shop or somewhere, people will approach me and ask me about my drawings and drawing aspirations. Or just smile pleasantly with silent approval. It’s a strange dynamic going on here. 

It’s also funny that people think other people don’t see when they give them the “that’s a weirdo” look and act nonchalant like they didn’t even notice you’re a weirdo. Like, just because I’m weird doesn’t mean I am blind to facial expressions hahah. But I guess they just can’t help it. 

People Doodles #4

Doodled some people while waiting for a friend at the mall. Sat near the carousel so I could draw some children (and because its a PokeStop). I need to draw more children; they are difficult. Their body proportions are all off! Those heads! So big! And their parents dress them in such cute little outfits! Except I ended up drawing only a couple. Feels extra creepy drawing children when their parents catch me…

I couldn’t listen to my music, so I could hear some of the conversations between the kids and their parents. The way adults condescend children so brutally kind of upsets me. Adults talk to children as if they are pets: in a baby voice, or treating every word/action they say with “awws” without actually listening or watching, or issuing commands (“come here, boy!” “Stop doing that!”) without explaining things and getting mad when the children make loud noises, even just flat out ignoring them, staring at their phones. Children are people too! Just because they are naive and don’t know much about the world doesn’t mean they are stupid; not a sheep on a rope, not a kitten with a yarn ball. Why not be a decent person to the thing you’re supposed to be nurturing and educating? Okay, rant done.

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People Doodles #3

I don’t get out much, so I have to people doodle where I can. I was planning on doodling peeps at the BBQ I was supposed to go to, but plans changed and I just went out to get pizza and stuff with Dad instead.

People doodling in a moving car is bad for two reasons: 1) epic car sickness and 2) people in their cars really, really, don’t like being stared at by other people in other cars…its weird. Is it like a psychological thing? People not in cars don’t mind so much, whether I am just hawking at them like a weirdo in the flesh or from inside Dad’s car, but once they are in the confined windowed space of their vehicle, it becomes like an affront to privacy if someone is looking at them, like someone walking in on them in the bathroom. Curious! Humans are kind of weird about things, right? I suppose cars are kind of like people second-bedrooms where they don’t sleep, right? I wouldn’t know, I don’t drive.


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People Watching #2

I did what I said I was going to do and went out to people-doodle. I was feeling really self-conscious though, so I feel like these kind of suck. It felt good to sit in a public place alone, but was also really anxiety causing. I was exhausted when I got home! But I live conveniently right next door to a big mall, so I have no reason to let myself lose the habit again. I think this actually might be therapeutic for my Asperger’s anxiety and shut-in tendencies.

I caught three people catching me in the act, though probably more saw what I was doing. I used to do this all the time back in University, but on a college campus, especially one in Portland, Oregon, its not weird for people to be drawing each other. I felt like a huge pretentious hipster doing it in the mall, but I don’t care! I just forced myself to do it! One lady was nice and just gave me a smile. A young lady caught me drawing her friend and nudged her to have her look. An old man watched me as I drew his wife, but didn’t do anything. It was all rather amusing.


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Figure Drawing Day 1

This week on Drawing Concepts Class!: Figure Drawing

Tuesday started the figure drawing week (a week in art class is two days! 😀 ). We are allowed to experiment with any media we want, but force ourselves to be adventurous and not hold ourselves back. We have to try and find what style and method we like and is unique to us. We were encouraged to draw the figure disproportionally, mix our mediums, and either scale it large so the figure is going off the sides, or draw a whole bunch on one page.

This session was a clothed male model. He also brought a katana and a bo staff with him! First we did a bunch of 30 second warm-ups with charcoal, and then some 1 minute poses. I forgot to take pictures of the quick ones, but I have everything past the 5min ones.

I mostly decided to work with sharpie markers, because I already know that ink is what I am into, especially illustrative style. I wanted to see if I could use it as good with a figure drawing as I am just drawing with it.

5 Minute Figure Sketches:


5min sketches: Charcoal

5min Sketch: Colored Sharpie

5min Sketch: Colored Sharpie

In addition to regular figure drawing, we also had a short session of blind contour figure drawing too. This is where you aren’t supposed to look at your paper, at all, and just stare at the figure as you draw it blindly without lifting the pen/pencil from the paper. The Prof. says that doing this really forces us to look at every detail. I guess it did do that, but it was difficult. Plus I kept getting lost at where I was in the drawing and messing it up. On the bright side, what came out from my red sharpie was pretty cool. I admit I peeked a little on the top two figures, but I got caught and Prof. turned my easel in a way that I could not look at my paper as I drew, even if I tried. Ahah.

Kungfu Fight

Blind Contour Figure Sketches: Red and Blue Sharpie

It looks like a crazy kung-fu fight scene! After the actual session, we were allowed to go in and spruce it up, which is where the blue comes in. I drew in the weapons and gave them movement lines.

10 Minute Headless Figure Sketches:
Not sure what else to call it, but we simply had to zoom in on the torso and focus on the middle parts of the body, rather than the head and legs…

Torso Sketch: Colored Pencil

Torso Sketch: Prismacolor Colored Pencil

Torso Sketch: Colored Sharpie

Torso Sketch: Colored Sharpie

Finally, the 20 minute figure sketch:
This one we could arrange it how we wanted, but make it big enough to fill the whole page, at least. We could also use our choice of medium, rather than further experiment, in so creating something more legitimately our own style. After class, the model said it was exactly what he wished to be doing.

20 Minute Figure Sketch: Colored Sharpie and Prismacolor Colored Pencils

20 Minute Figure Sketch: Colored Sharpie and Prismacolor Colored Pencils


Illustrated People Drawings!

Being an aspiring comic book artist, I need to focus on honing my comic drawing style. I need to practice poses, different faces, and complicated clothing. Man, do I have issues with this! Why does the thing I want to be good at have to be my weakness?!

But that just means I have to practice vigorously! Which I have been!….when I’m not playing videogames, or with the boo! Boyfriends are very time consuming…hahah!

Anyway, I have taken to drawing anyone who grabs my interest, or any videogame person idea that grabs inspiration. I beat Dragon Age: Inquisition and for awhile all I could do was draw fan art for it. Now, I’ve been on the verge of relapsing into Mass Effect again and can’t stop thinking about drawing female Biotic Shepherd! Aaah!

I’ll just get to the point.

Average Chicks in Portland

Three random real life girls I saw downtown

Dragon Age

My Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition characters! Wheee!

Suki the Star Child

Star Child from the game Conception 2!

Herald of Andraste Noble Agenda (inked) Portlander 001 Portlander 002